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This website will help you to explore modern Buttevant. It also charts the history and stories of Buttevant and her people. These bring our history to life and show the fascinating international connections we have enjoyed over the centuries. Buttevant is an Anglo Norman town and traces its origins to the beginning of the thirteenth century when the De Barry family settled here. Buttevant enjoys an abundance of medieval buildings and heritage sites. It has also a rich modern history based on its trade connections and its unique military history.

Snapshot of Buttevant

Come visit our town, or use this website to explore the places and learn of the people and events that have made Buttevant famous.

Buttevant Audio Guides

Our “Not so hidden history!”

Listen to our audio guides now or visit Buttevant and take a self-guided walking tour of our sites with these audio guides.
Discover sites that were once home to thriving and vibrant communities to learn of Buttevant – an Anglo Norman town.

Guided Walking Tours

Come and walk in our ancestor’s footsteps.

Our guided Walking Tours take place every Saturday from 3pm (during the Summer) outside St Mary’s Church. Come join us and there is no need to book!

Aerial Tour of Buttevant

Cahirmee Horse Fair

Cahirmee is a long established Horse Fair that takes place every July 12th on the Main Street. The fair is believed to have roots back in Ireland’s prehistoric past, when Mee was a High King of Munster, and his royal seat was nearby to the east of Buttevant.


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